This is my buddy John. By occupation, he’s a philosopher. By conviction, he’s a rocker. Ask him about Allister Crowley, or Roger Waters, and he’ll tell you all you need to know, and more. He’s provided me with more workplace-related motivational quotes than anyone else. Just enough of an idealist to inspire some serious introspection, even for a cynic like myself.

So, the story goes a little like this: John walked into a Guitar Center one day with his better half and immediately fell in love with a curvaceous beauty that appeared before him. His better half encouraged the adulterous relationship, probably because she didn’t feel too threatened by a bass guitar.

Cloth'd In The Sun

His Rickenbacker is indeed gorgeous, and John put it to good use. He reinvigorated his progressive rock band, “Cloth’d in the Sun”, they worked hard on their songs, and they were invited to appear at a festival in Flower Mound, TX back in June. I offered my services as the unofficial band photographer, partly because I have a secret craving about stage photography. They, in turn, offered a vibrant set of original songs and lit up the crowd like the setting sun.

That setting sun made this shoot both interesting and challenging. It’s the ultimate spot light – small, strong light source very far away. The shadows are harsh and the contrast is high, but the color is warm and pleasing.
The black and white Rickenbacker looks great in front of John’s Ohio State football jersey. There’s a little too much stage clutter even with the f/3.5 aperture, but I liked this shot as a portrait of an artist as a young man.

For the bonus shot, I picked this closeup of John and his Rickenbacker locked in a passionate embrace. It may be love at first sight, but something tells me these two will live happily ever after.