This is a photo taken a few years ago in Forney, TX, where there’s a large antique shop called DeRidder Antiques. It’s one of the favorite spots for the DFW Area Meetup group on Flickr, a group which I joined on this particular occasion.

Texan Don Quixote

Texan Don Quixote

From the old Soviet MiG aircraft in front of the store, all the way to the back, where this figure is found, DeRidder is full of unusual treasures of all kinds. It’s quite easy to spend a few hours there looking at everything.

I’m not quite sure where this Don Quixote came from on his horse Rosinante, but it looks rather well done. Just a few days ago, I took you guys to the Spanish province of La Mancha, where he is from. An interesting thing is that shortly after my return from Spain, I heard an interview with Aaron Sorkin about his new show on HBO, “The Newsroom”. In it, as well as in the show, the word “quixotic” is pronounced “kwik-so-tik”… Which I found objectionable, because I prefer to preserve the original pronunciation of the root, so it would be “ki-ho-tik”.

But language is a living thing, I guess, so I’m letting it go. Besides, next week is going to be all about Italy and my July trip to Rome. I hope you enjoy those photos, which start tomorrow.