Utter cuteness

Utter cuteness

This is a perfect way to end the work week.

Otters may be my favorite animals (next to lions, naturally). They’re impossibly cute, love to play around and travel in packs. A few years ago I was in Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and came across this bundle of otter cuteness. I have no idea what the green stuff around them was (probably something they use as a toy — they use everything as a toy!!!), but there were about half dozen otters in there, sleeping in one big pile of utter otter cuteness.

This was taken with my old Canon 20D camera, which served me well for a few years until I sold it and bought the 7D. ISO was 1600, so the photo is a little noisy… Ah, what the hell. Just look how cute they are!!!

Have a great weekend, everybody.